Al Jaber for occasions


Al Jaber company Is a company specialized in wedding, occasions, conferences, internal and external exhibitionsplanning.

The company was established in 1993 as an individual institution. Along with 20 years, it has provensuccess in many services and volunteering fields in and out of Jordan. 

The vision

Our vision is to add creative, distinguished and trusted touches to different segments of customers with high level of professionalism.our work team aims to serve customerswithin record time and high accuracy;to achieve entrepreneurship and be respected in the Middle East through providing remarkable, high quality products and services.

The message

We work to provide a set of integrated services which make the innovation and flexibility values basis on customers’ satisfaction which are considered the values to reach more professional business partnership, strong understanding and more committing.

Al Jaber is proud of patriotism and loyalty, so it always seeks to contribute in national celebrations, and quests to achieve the highest levels of planning which enhance patriotism to each member of Jordanian community.

We are taking the lead to manage, organizing festivals and events, providing integrated services for exhibitions and conferences that include preparing, planning, managing and helping to implement the sponsors’ programs through our extensive network of contacts as well as organizing election campaigns and companies’ events.    


Al Jaber has got all abilities to plan events according to various levels of customers’ requirements; to fit alldesired events and the customer’s financial budget.

  • High quality aluminum (German) tents meet international standards for safety PVC

  • Design and execute special wings for customers

  • Design and execute international standards theaters

  • Lightening equipment (Laser, Chandeliers,Flashlights, lanterns)

  • audio equipment

  • German partitions designations

  • Tables and chairs (sofas, hotel chairs, normal chairs)

  • Full equipped Arabian tents

  • Luxurious carpets


Al Jaber aims to reflex the beauty in supplies industry, through using the latest techniques and providing the best decoration services, it uses designing works and dividing lands before being executed to have an attractive and modern view.   

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